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We are passionate about the culinary arts of gourmet fine food and Slow Food . Our aim is to provide you with top quality healthy dishes yet affordable for families. Our elaborate Roastino Artisan's preparations are all home made.  They are designed to turn any meal into a feast....

All our mouth watering Gourmet meals to enjoy at Roastino, or delivered Nationwide or locally with Just eat



FLAMENCO CHICKEN . This is a delicious mild Spanish speciality prepared with chicken breast & thighs together with chorizo, pancetta, mushrooms, onions, coriander, peppers, garlic finished with Provencal tomato sauce served on a bed of rice.

CHICKEN CHASSEUR. The most popular Roastino chicken dish with a Napoletana tomato sauce cooked with roasted chicken, pancetta, onions, a little garlic, some diced peppers, mushrooms and olives. Served on rice

COQ AU VIN Although it is not a chicken per say, Rooster is in the same family but with a wilder firm meat, distanly similar to dark bronze turkey meat. We have marinated it over night in red burgundy wine, cooked a long time with carrots, parsnips, onions, mushrooms . Served with creamy mash potatoes

CHICKEN TAGINE A spicy but mild Morrocan dish with chicken, provencale sauce, confit lemon, prunes, apricot, coriander, chillies, peppers served on a bed of couscous

THAI GREEN CURRY All the typical herbs and spices of Thailand have been used ( green chillies, garlic, coriander, lemon grass, lime zest, kaffir curry leaves, coconut ) for your enjoyment. Finish also with cream it is served on rice.

SOLOGNE DUCK A recipe from Sologne made with Challans confit duck legs with onions and stewed red cabbage with raisins, served with creamy mash and spicy red currant jelly


BEEF AND GREENS Inspired from Chinese cuisine we use chuck beef slowly cooked with paprika, mild green chillis, garlic, carrots and reduce red wine sauce served on a bed of kale, broccoli and steamed potatoes

BRITISH BEEF STEW There is nothing better than a nutritious , simple meal still nourishing comfort food. The all-time winner is the great British beef stew . We slowly cook a shin of beef with parsnips, carrots and marjoram. It served with green beans and baby steamed potatoes

OXTAIL BRAZIL You will be taken to Rio Verde di Mato Grosso pays of a great friend of mine that get this recipe from his grand mother. Our Brazil spice vessel is a combination of star anise, paprika, ginger, salt, garlic, onion, cumin, coriander seed & leaf, allspice, cinnamon, pepper, chilli.Cooked gently in a rich tomato sauce, prunes and oranges zests are added too. Served on a bed of Macaroni pasta.

STIFADO It is a rich Cypriot beef dish previously marinated in red wine with plenty shallots and spices such as thyme, a cinnamon stick, cloves, nutmeg and garlic. Oven cooked gently with a Provencale tomato ragu. Enjoy it with baby roasted potatoes.

CHILLI CON CARNE At Roastino we have worked hard to deliver a genuine Mexican beef ragu recipe without saving on the meat content such as real beef stewed dices, mince lean beef with paprika, oregano, cumin, red kidney beans ( & even a secret soupcon of dark chocolate ! ) Served on a bed of rice or giant baked potatoes as you wish.


CORSICAN BOAR RAGU A fork tender wild boar ragu slowly oven cooked in tomatoes and red wine sauce with porcini mushrooms, olives, pancetta and herbs ( Rosemary and thyme ). We serve it as we do in Corsica with Tagliatelle pasta

HUNGARIAN GOULASH Probably the most well-known Hungarian dish - this slow cooked pork goulash is hearty, warming and so delicious. It includes of course onion, carrots and garlic together with pimentón ( smoked paprika ), tomatoes, red peppers. We like to serve it over steamed rice with fresh parsley sprinkled at the end.

BELLY PORK This is a simple roasted belly pork recipe with all the flavours from Greece ( salt, pepper, oregano, cinnamon, mint, garlic, onion, thyme and fennel seed ) with spicy apricot, and honey. We serve it with curly green and corn polenta

NORFOLK HOCK As with its cousin the Lamb shank, hock is slowly oven roasted with ginger beer, thyme, shallots, honey and lemon together with finely chopped ginger. We serve it on a bed of creamy mash potatoes.


VEAL BLANQUETTE This dish, a French classic is a national meal in France . “blanquette” means whitish as nothing is coloured in the cooking. The veal has been marinated in white wine and poached gently with carrots, stewed leeks, cocktails onions and button mushrooms. Finished with a little cream binded with a yolk of egg it will be a pleasure meal served with rice or steamed baby potatoes.

OSSO BUCCO This Italian classic veal dish previously marinated in white wine . We use the hinleg of veal, much more meatier than the front legs. The osso bucco is oven cooked with tomatoes, garlic and veal stock together with onions and carrots. is served with Gremolata ( fresh parsley, lemon zests and garlic ) sprinkled just before serving . The side is a mushroom parmesan risotto.


LAMB SHANK Previously marinated in orange juice and white wine, we oven slow cook them them with thyme, fennel seeds, garlic, celeriac, apple, prune and apricot. They are served with creamy mash potatoes.

MORROCAN LAMB TAGINE The lamb pieces with salt pepper, coriander, cumin, ginger, thyme, cayenne, olive oil, raz al hanout are marinated and refrigerated overnight .Apricot raisins, & chutney with tomatoes give an authentic sweetness to this fragrant tagine. Mint add freshness to temper the heat. They are served with couscous sprinkled with mint and coriander just before serving

IRISH STEW Known as Stobhach Gaelach in Ireland it is a comfort food with lamb neck simmered with lamb stock, potatoes, carrots and onions until super-tender. We served it with pearl barley on the side just before serving.


TOULOUSE CASSOULET This is a hearty bean and meat dish from the southwest France. A great meal that has been recorded since the year 1028 !! The meal includes duck, Toulouse sausages, belly pork and shoulder pork with onions, pancetta, garlic and carrots cooked with beans , finished in the oven . Sprinkled with coarse crumbs fried in duck fat just before serving.

CORDON BLEU RABBIT This is a classical french recipe ( Lapin Moutarde ) revisited by Roastino . The rabbit casserole browned with mushrooms, apricot and prunes, reduced with white wine and a little Dijon mustard together with prune and apricot, served with steamed baby potatoes.

Our Provencale sauce or Sugo di Pomodoro is made very much the traditional healthy way : ripe tomatoes, onions gently fried in olive oil, a little garlic, fresh herbs, salt, pepper . That is all ! no coloring, preservatives, sugar etc... It is as healthy as it can be.